Garden furniture


Your garden or, more simply, your terrace, can become an additional space to "live" and fully enjoy, alone or in company, if properly provided with the right elements. A good first step, to start off on the right foot, is to guess the "umbrellas" that provide the necessary protection from sunlight. The types on the market today are really many and allow you to easily find the most suitable model for your needs: ranging from the most classic and essential to the most sophisticated, technologically advanced, functional and beautiful at the same time, real complements of design, able to give coverage both to small surfaces, or even very small ones, as to decidedly large surfaces. And to think that when he made his appearance for the first time in very distant times in the magical eastern lands, the umbrella was considered nothing more than an original object that, strangely, removed light from a certain space, forming a shadow area. .Wide range: choices are wasted

To counteract the insidious, and sometimes harmful, solar radiation we think the vast range of models proposed by the market in terms of umbrellas. The range that the companies make available includes light and easily transportable umbrellas, but still solid and safe, long-lasting, cared for in every detail, made of aluminum or wood (naturally treated with special anti-wood paints and protective against damage caused from atmospheric agents) or in steel, traditional arm or telescopic. In this regard, an appropriate distinction should be made between those at the central pole, to be understood the most classic, and those with a side arm, certainly more innovative and with greater versatility, so that the latter are used not only as a parasol but also in the evening to protect any tables and chairs from humidity. The modern umbrellas, among other things, are also "smart": on the market there are models that can be closed without having to take on the stress of moving the furnishings that are located below. Not only. Today's umbrellas also know how to be excellent environment allies, like the "ecologically correct" ones that use the powerful solar energy to charge the built-in LEDs. Rectangular, square, octagonal or round: even with regard to the covers, the possibilities are wasted.

Fabrics: the more you have, the more you put it

The materials used for the roofs can be water-repellent and oil-repellent, treated with specific anti-mold, moth-proof products, resistant to ultraviolet rays and at the same time elegant, refined, for those who wish, with ruffle borders. It goes without saying that cotton certainly does not represent the waterproof fabric par excellence, so the preference can go to synthetic fibers or, alternatively, to plasticized ones. The fabrics come in the most disparate colors, also in this case for the dual purpose of combining perfectly with the environment, but also to give satisfaction to the chromatic preferences that each has.

Umbrellas: All-round accessories

In support there can be different very useful accessories such as, for example, for those who want to avoid traffic, automatic opening; then there is the retractable opening, which allows you to easily close your umbrella without interfering with the surrounding furniture; the lighting system that creates a suggestive light and, of course, gives the opportunity to take advantage of the outdoor space for many more hours; the sheaths useful to protect the umbrellas when they are hospitalized (attention to a fundamental precaution: do it only when they are well dry!). It is also possible to opt for different bases: in concrete, cement and grit, with and without handles and, again, in steel with the plate of the shape you prefer. Bases that, in any case, must guarantee stability to the whole structure, even in the case of ventilated climates. Furthermore, the so-called retractable bases are on the market: these are bases for which the pole is installed under the flooring or under the grassy lawn of the garden.
One last tip: those who are obliged to collect their umbrellas every evening should give preference to those types that allow them to be easily detached from their support.
So let the sun show off its "claws": by making the right choice at the right time, you will not be caught unprepared and, above all, you will be able to enjoy carefree moments of blissful relaxation completely unexpected.