Instructions for the use of the Neo herbicide, consumption rate and preparation of the working composition

Neo is a highly effective herbicide used to control weeds in corn fields. He has certain advantages over competitors, thanks to which he managed to gain popularity among farmers and gardeners. But do not forget that this is a chemical preparation and it is necessary to work with it carefully, observing the rules of personal hygiene and safety, and also adhere to the processing times recommended in the instructions.

Active ingredients, release form and purpose of the herbicide "Neo"

Herbicide "Neo" is designed to control weeds of annuals and perennials, as well as some dicotyledonous weeds in corn crops. The agent is used as a selective systemic drug, which should be used after germination.

The main active ingredient in it is nicosulfuron. Its concentration is 750 g / kg. The product is packaged in 0.25 kg bottles. Each package contains 40 bottles.

How does weed control work

The herbicide "Neo" is a systemic pesticide and is characterized by selective action. That is, its effect extends to one or more varieties of weeds. The prepared composition tends to spread along the cultivated plants, regardless of the place where the active substance gets on them.

Main pros and cons

The main advantages of the Neo herbicide, thanks to which farmers prefer it, are:

  • post-emergence preparation of selective action for corn, which is cultivated for grain or silage;
  • copes well with cereals and some varieties of dicotyledonous weeds, including perennials;
  • suitable for use in various phases of plant development;
  • thanks to the use of surfactants, preparing the solution is simple and convenient;
  • the period of complete disintegration in the soil is very short.

There were no significant shortcomings in the process of using this herbicide, however, some farmers note that it is not so easy to purchase it during the season.

Consumption rate for different plants

When processing planting areas, the flow rate of the working fluid is from 200 to 400 l / ha. This indicator depends on the method of processing and the number of weeds growing in a certain area. With their abundance, consumption rates increase to maximum.

In order to prevent the negative impact of the Neo herbicide on humans and the environment, in no case should the consumption rates recommended in the instructions for use be exceeded.

Preparation and application of the working solution

The working solution of the "Neo" herbicide is prepared immediately before its use. The prepared container is filled by one third with clean water, and then the required dose of the concentrated preparation is added. Stir the mixture thoroughly until the composition becomes homogeneous. Then add water to the required volume, mix the solution again and pour it into the sprayer.

The liquid is sprayed over the entire area directly onto the weeds growing there. It is advisable to carry out work at a temperature of +5 - +25 ° C in dry weather. If the crops on the site are weakened or affected by the disease, then spraying should not be carried out.

Herbicide Precautions

Herbicide "Neo" is a chemical, therefore, when working with it, you must follow the rules of safety and personal hygiene. Gloves must be put on the hands, all parts of the body are covered with clothes, and a scarf is tied on the head or another protective headgear is applied.

The working solution is prepared in a special place, which is then subject to mandatory disinfection. Children, pregnant women or pets should be kept away from the preparation site. After the completion of the work, the container is immediately disposed of, the sprayer is washed, and the clothes are sent to the wash.

The gardener himself needs to take a shower.

The degree of toxicity of the drug

The herbicide "Neo" belongs to the 3rd class of toxicity in relation to humans and bees. If you follow the necessary precautions, then the product poses no danger. Processing of the territory near fish farms is allowed.

Compatibility with other products

The herbicide "Neo" is allowed to be used together with other preparations. It is preliminarily recommended to check the substances for compatibility by mixing a small amount of them in a separate vessel.

How to store the herbicide?

So that the drug does not lose its properties, it needs to provide proper storage conditions. The temperature in the designated room should be within the range of +5 - +40 ° С. It must be dry and out of the reach of children or pets. The remnants of the prepared working solution must be disposed of immediately.

Are there any analogues?

If it is not possible to purchase the Neo herbicide, then you can replace it with another product with the same active substance and principle of action. These include:

  • Agronika;
  • Voyage;
  • "Doubloon";
  • Ikanos;
  • "Innovate";
  • Kornikos;
  • Meliton;
  • Milafort;
  • "Milady";
  • "Narwhal";
  • Nikos;
  • "Nissin";
  • "Priority";
  • Squash.

The herbicide "Neo" has managed to gain popularity among domestic farmers, despite the fact that it is an imported drug. The registrant is the RosAgroChem company, which supplies it to the market. Currently, the use of herbicides can reduce the effort and time required to cultivate the area, and has a number of advantages over mechanical soil cultivation.

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