Description of tomato Zebra of different colors and characteristics of the variety

Green Zebra is a special variety characterized by its uniqueness and incredible taste. This is a mid-season tomato with tall bushes and medium fruits of a beautiful color, similar to a striped horse. These tomatoes come from the USA. They are loved for their sweet taste, they are ideal in salads, desserts, as well as in the preparation of jam. There are also striped varieties that are as popular as the Green Zebra variety. These species vary in shape and color, they also differ in taste and density. There are several of them in the family. It is necessary to study them in detail.


Raspberry zebra is liked by summer residents for the rich bright taste of tomatoes. Also developed abroad, it belongs to late ripening. The yield is average. They are planted mainly for fresh food, but can also be preserved.

The red striped fruit has a round irregular shape, ripening occurs gradually. Weight can reach up to 100 grams. The color is red with a green stripe. On the cut - the same thing. The pulp is juicy, sweet and sour. The bushes are tall, more than two meters.

Yellow colors

The Great Yellow Zebra Tomatoes are made for fresh food and juice. This is an elite variety that has an original taste. Bushes are tall, fruits are large. They can weigh up to 500 grams. Yellow color. The shape is rounded, concave at the base, slightly ribbed at the sides.

The characteristic of the yellowish zebra is described on the seed packet.

Green classic

The cultivation of tomatoes in Russia Zebra green has become popular. These seeds are foreign, they were developed there, they grow well in a greenhouse, and they are planted in seedlings.

The bushes are quite tall, usually up to two meters. The stem is formed in one or two.

The tomatoes are mid-ripening, greenish, striped. They are not very large, weighing from 50 to 100 grams, round in shape.

The taste is sweet, rich, bright. They are eaten fresh, sliced, in salads. Among the well-known green varieties, the tomatoes Zebra Rita, Green Zebra are distinguished. They differ in weight and sugar content. Green types of vegetables are good for people with allergies.

White color

Tomato White Zebra is yellow with white stripes. Ripen at the end of summer, are planted in seedlings in a greenhouse. Fruits are flat-rounded, ribbed, irregular in shape. Their weight can reach up to 300 grams. The taste is sweet and juicy. They are grown as the original variety for fresh food.

They usually give a bountiful harvest with good care. Form a bush into two stems. Tall bushes should be tied up.

Orange stripes

Tomato variety description Orange zebra is on the seed bag. These tomatoes are grown for salads. The fruit has a very interesting rounded shape with a ribbed surface, not always even. Orange color with crimson stripes. They have a bright fruity flavor. The pulp is juicy. The fruits are large, can weigh up to 500 grams. The same strip is observed on the cut. They have few seeds, the flesh is dense.

The bushes are tall, the tomatoes ripen on them gradually. It is better to tie them up, otherwise they may fall under the weight of the fruit. It is important to note that this type of tomato loves fertile soil, good watering, light and warmth. The bush is mid-season.

Zebra hippie

Reviews of the Hippie Zebra tomato have a positive assessment. Seeds of this variety can be ordered directly from abroad. This is a very interesting striped tomato type. In fruits, a red stripe alternates with a green one. When cut, it is also striped in color, and the core is pink.

The fruits ripen on the branches gradually. Their shape is flat-round with a ribbed surface. Their sizes are quite large, up to 400 grams. Therefore, they have a good harvest. These tomatoes can be used to make salads, juices, and make jam. Sweet and sour. Not prone to cracking.

Blue green

The fruits of blue-green tomatoes ripen in the middle of summer. This type got its name because of its unusual color. Inside it is green, outside it is a black stripe on a yellow background. The stripes can be dark blue or purple, it all depends on the lighting, as it reacts to ultraviolet rays.

Tomatoes are small, weighing up to 80 grams. The shape is round. The taste is sweet, full-bodied. They are made to be eaten fresh.

The bushes are quite tall and must be tied up with ropes. Grown in greenhouses using seedlings. Form into two stems.

Black tomatoes

The black zebra is famous for its small cherry tomatoes weighing up to 30 grams. They are ideal for eating fresh. They are served to the table as an exclusive.

The brown juicy pulp has a sweetish taste. They can also be canned and have a dense skin. The jar will look very nice.

Everyone can choose which type of striped tomatoes to plant in their garden. You can combine them. You should not be afraid of exotic varieties, it is important just to learn the rules for their care. Then a bountiful harvest of delicious vegetables is provided. Do not be afraid of original exotic cultures, everyone can take care of them.

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