Description of the tomato variety Galina and its characteristics

Tomato Galina f1 presented by Israeli breeders. The variety is early maturing, determinant. Adapted to open field conditions, can be grown in greenhouses. Resistant to major diseases of the nightshade.

Hybrid benefits

Seed material of European breeders is often adapted only to artificial soil (with chemical additives and stimulants). Therefore, such hybrids can be difficult. In Israel, seeds are placed in a natural substrate. Many reviews note the absence of any problems when using varieties of Israeli production.

Since 2011, the Galina variety has been included in the register of the Russian Federation, as recommended for cultivation without shelter in the North Caucasian District. This is facilitated by the hot, dry summers of the region. For other areas, it is recommended to use greenhouses, greenhouses.

The main characteristic of the bushes:

  1. Limited growth type (up to 120 cm).
  2. Plants are spreading and need support, pinching.
  3. Formation in several stems is possible.
  4. The first flower cluster after the fifth leaf (subsequent ones after 2-3).

The inflorescences are simple, the stalk is articulated. Leaves are larger than average in size, well protect the crop from sun and precipitation.

Description of tomato fruits:

  • the color of ripe tomatoes is deep red;
  • fruits are flat-round in shape, with slight ribbing;
  • pulp of medium density, without veins, the number of chambers is 4–6;
  • excellent presentation and taste.

The first ripe tomatoes of the Galina variety are harvested 60 days after mass germination. Tomatoes are large (up to 200 g), universal use. Sweet and sour taste, high keeping quality. In terms of yield, the f1 hybrid exceeds the standards:

  • Gift of the Volga region;
  • Nyapryadva.

Resistance to diseases was noted: verticillosis, fusarium, tobacco mosaic virus and yellow curl. Under favorable conditions, up to 8 kg of fruits are obtained from the bush.

Recommended agricultural technique

At the age of 50–55 days, the tomatoes are ready for planting in the ground. Placed on 1 sq. m area is recommended no more than three plants of tomato Galina. In order to avoid damage to the crop from contact with the soil, the shoots are tied up.

Determinant bush picking is carried out in several stages. The first removal of lateral shoots is combined with fixing the stem to the support. Stepsons do not cut, but break off by hand. It is advisable to do this before the shoot reaches a length of 5 cm. The diameter of the stem is still small and the wounds will quickly heal.

Overgrown stems are removed, leaving a small "stump". Before work, tomatoes are not fed or watered. Favorable days for this with dry and warm weather.

When pinching in one stem, several reserve ones are left. The strongest will then be able to become the second main escape. The second stem is chosen only after the formation of the fourth flower cluster on the bush. As practice shows, the gradual formation of Galina tomatoes into two stems does not inhibit its growth.

Recommendations from seed producers:

  • do not soak before planting (processed by Thiram);
  • grown in seedlings;
  • bushes are planted in protected ground in early April, open in the second half of May;
  • using a pick is optional.

Galina f1 hybrid is undemanding to temperature conditions. General care for tomatoes is standard.

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