Synthetic lawn laying price

Question: Synthetic lawn laying price

Good morning, I have a garden of 50 square meters, I would like to lay the synthetic grass, I have seen various prices around, but it seems that we need glue sheaths and so on, but nobody tells me the amount for laying, how much it costs to lay at the mt framework? Thanks

Answer: Synthetic lawn laying price

Dear Giancarlo,
it is not easy to give you a precise figure regarding the price of laying synthetic grass; first of all because it depends on the lawn you will choose: there are various types, which can differ a lot for the weight they have; it is much more burdensome (and therefore more time and money is needed) to put in place a very heavy synthetic grass, compared to a thin and light one. In addition to this, as long as a professional does not come to see the land on which you want to lay your synthetic lawn, you will hardly be able to get an answer to your question.
Usually, i synthetic lawns most used, they are laid on a floor already paved, with cement or other materials; on this basis, it is necessary to prepare a draining layer, to prevent your lawn from becoming completely soaked with water, remaining unusable for many hours; in addition to this, it is clear that if the synthetic lawn, which in essence is a sort of carpet that simulates the grass very well, is simply placed on the cement, or on a draining layer, it will certainly tend to move with time; therefore it will be necessary to fix it in some way. On the cement it is sometimes fixed with special resins, which act as a glue.
If instead your lawn is of earth, uncultivated and with weeds, before positioning the synthetic lawn, it will be fundamental to eradicate all the weeds, after weeding them; this even if your garden is now planted with lawn. After obtaining the base earth, it should be smoothed and rolled, so as to have a flat surface. Only then will it be possible to place the synthetic grass on it; and even here, if your soil is clayey and heavy, then you will have to prepare a draining layer first, but if your garden does not suffer from high humidity problems due to rain, then the drainage layer may not be necessary.
In many synthetic lawns, before placing the actual lawn, an intermediate layer is placed, which simulates the lawn felt, and gives a more dense and natural look, which can cost around 10 euros per square meter (but also here , ranging from 10 euros to 20-25, depending on the product you choose). In the soccer fields, the lawn is placed on a layer of soil and sand, and it is anchored to the ground simply by saturating the empty spaces with sand, which allows the lawn to be heavily weighed down and kept in position. Before we can tell you the price, it is therefore important to understand what type of synthetic grass you want to lay, and on what type of soil.