Question: lemon cure

For about 2 months I have purchased a small lemon tree already in bloom, with a lemon that is still green and some small lemons. When I got home I flared it putting it in a larger pot with some suitable citrus soil, I watered and fertilized it and I continue to water it when I see that the earth dries up and is located in a sheltered spot, sunny mid-morning and mid-afternoon . I am writing because since I bought it, the present lemon has remained as it was neither grown nor colored yellow, the present lemons have all fallen but it continuously flowers, producing small lemons that systematically detach from the plant, it is normal all this? If it is not normal can you give me some advice? Thanks.

Answer: lemon cure

Dear Enrico,
it often happens quite often that after transplanting, or repotting into another container, the plants go through a period of stress; this in lemon trees usually occurs with the so-called fruit drop; the fact that the plant was already full of fruit at the time of purchase, and that it lost them after repotting, is perfectly normal, and is due solely and exclusively to repotting: the plant was found with some broken roots and with a lot of space available, and has chosen to increase the root system in view of new vegetation, rather than bringing the fruit to maturity. If your lemon is fine, it does not show stained or yellowed foliage, and it blooms profusely, which means it is fine and you are treating it with everything it needs. But it continues to lose its small fruits; this symptom is also here due to the transfer to a new place, and most probably also to the young age of the plant: all fruit plants, if they do not yet have sufficient foliage to guarantee sufficient nourishment to bring to fruition, try fruit, tend to lose them. Sometimes they lose only a certain percentage, sometimes they lose them all. Certainly in the next few months your lemon will also begin to develop some new shoots and develop; later after flowering you will notice that some of the small lemons will not fall, and will be brought to maturity. It is just a matter of being patient and continuing to treat the lemon in the best way. From what you tell, your lemon is in the most suitable soil, it receives direct sunlight for at least a few hours a day and is properly watered. Perhaps the only thing missing is a good fertilizer; broken lupins are usually used to improve the soil mix, it is a natural fertilizer, traditionally used for lumps, even in pots. But the lupins, more than anything else, keep the land office, and supply the growing material with organic material; It is also advisable to add mineral salts to the soil, possibly using a slow release granular fertilizer, specific for citrus fruits, to be spread on the soil surface. If instead you prefer a fertilizer to be supplied with the water of the waterings, choose one in a fluid formulation, which will dissolve much better in the water, to be used every 12-15 days. In the month of August it is not necessary to supply the lemon with fertilizer.