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Question: Buying cherry

I have a small garden at an altitude of 600 meters in the modenasee appendix I would like to buy one or two cherry trees. I would like information on which types to rely on.
Thanks Giancarlo

Answer: Purchase cherry

Dear Giancarlo,
in the Modenese and Bolognese provinces there are many orchards, and, together with pears, plums and peaches, cherries represent a large portion of Italian production; typically, in the Vignola area, durons are cultivated, of the black Durone 1, and duron of the ring, together with other varieties of soft-pulp cherries, such as Moreau, Bigarreau burlat, Moretta di Vignola; these cherries all produce excellent and abundant fruits, but Vignola is in a flat area, near the Panaro, and all the cherries that are grown there are early, with flowering between the end of March and the first days of June. It sometimes happens that very late frosts (or even snowfalls) ruin the entire harvest. Since you live in 600 m, among the Modena hills, it is perhaps the case that you turn to late varieties, which bloom in late April, so as to avoid the possibility of the flowers being returned with frost. The varieties grown in Italy are many, some of which are self-fertile, or a single tree of these varieties can produce cherries on its own, even without the presence of pollinating plants in the vicinity; among many others Lapins, Symphony, Sweetheart; but consider that there are many, and a lot depends on the varieties that are available in the nursery near your home. There are also many varieties that are not self-fertile, or to have an excellent harvest it will be necessary to plant two distinct trees, possibly of two different varieties, but compatible with each other; for example Sylvia, Linda, Ferrovia. However, consider that in Italy about thirty varieties of cherry are grown, which can be grouped into more or less 4 distinct groups, with blooms ranging from the first week of April until the first week of May; given the place where you live, in my opinion it is advisable to plant cherry trees that bloom from the second week of April. I remind you that the cherry trees need full sun, and a good rich and very well drained soil, because water stagnation can quickly cause it to decline. If you choose a self-fertile variety, let the nurseryman recommend a second example of a compatible variety or you will find yourself with poor or non-existent crops. Consider that the cherry trees use cica 4-6 years before flowering and fructifying consistently, so it is essential to immediately choose the right plants, or when you notice that they do not produce fruit will already be tall enough of the trees to give you headaches to uproot them. The cherry trees grow up to 12-15 m in height, and produce a wide crown, so when you plant your young saplings, make sure they are well spaced from each other, and also from the house or other trees that can obstruct them Development.