Vertical walls

Vertical walls, often called vertical gardens, are a novelty in recent years in the field of gardening. The concept behind these interesting realizations is the installation of a garden that instead of developing horizontally develops vertically, trying to make up for all the problems that a vertical development involves. For many experts and experts, there is still much to do and study on vertical gardens, but in this video we will try to propose the most up-to-date techniques resulting from years and years of research and attempts. In the free video course you will find all the videos necessary for the creation of vertical walls. First of all, the most important thing is the choice of materials and structures, followed by the choice of plants and varieties. Subsequently you will find videos dedicated to the actual operating phases, such as those dedicated to the laying of the main structure to the filling of the vertical wall with the plants, to the care and maintenance of the vertical garden and finally to the irrigation of the vertical wall