Dilute two fungicides

Question: dilute a fungicide

Good evening, I have a question for you: I have to mix two types of fungicides, compatible with each other, in 1 liter of water. the correct procedure is to take 1 liter of water and add the exact amounts of the two fungicides or do I have to dilute each fungicide in a liter of water and then join them in a two-liter bottle? excuse the question but this is a reason for discussion and I cannot find an answer on the net. please help us. thank you very much

Dilute two fungicides: Answer: dilute a fungicide

Dear Andrea,
if a fungicide has to be diluted in a liter of water, even if you need to add another fungicide, insecticide or foliar fertilizer to the solution, the solution obtained must be a total liter (more or less, with a few ml more). due to products added later); if instead you dilute a fungicide in a liter of water, and the other fungicide in another liter of water, if you then mix the two compounds you will find yourself with two liters of solution, and therefore both fungicides will have been excessively diluted. This is usually done in this way: all the fluids already measured are prepared; then one liter of water is taken, and in two dosers the quantities of the two fungicides, as described on the labels of the respective packages. After this the first fungicide is diluted with about 150 ml of water, taken from the prepared liter, and the same is done with the second fungicide. At this point you will find yourself with 3 containers: one with about 700 ml of water, and two with just over 150 meters of water and fungicide. Now simply add the two solutions with the fungicide directly into the water, stirring the solution obtained to better mix the products. It often happens to have to add two or more products, not necessarily two fungicides; in these cases it is important to take into account the final quantity of water added, to avoid excessive dilutions. If you have to mix many products, or if the quantity of each single product is very high, then it will be good to take into account also the volume of the products for the calculation of the quantity of water to be added. For example, if on the label of the product number one there is written to dilute 200 ml of product in a liter of water, and on the product two there is written to dilute 500 ml in a liter of water, the final solution should not be more than 1200 ml, and therefore the total water to be added is no longer one liter, but simply half a liter. If the products are in powder form, the calculation must be done in grams, or just have a graduated container, in which the quantities of the two prescribed powders are placed and is filled until it reaches the liter mark. Fortunately, the fungicide products are often very concentrated, and therefore the quantities to be added to the water are negligible in the total count.