Diphylleia grayi: the flower of the rain

Diphylleia grayi: the flower of the rain: Diphylleia grayi

For many gardening enthusiasts this name, diphylleia grayi, will not say much, while the most curious and attentive will surely already know what we are talking about. There diphylleia grayi It is an incredible plant that has petals able to become transparent when they come into contact with rain.
As you can also see from the photos, i petals become transparent when touched by water and this transformation really is incredible.
This flower is also known as the skeleton flower or "Skeleton Flower" but is also called the glass flower or rain flower.
Its area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin is the humid forests of China and Japan but it is a species that is also found in the Appalachian mountains.
The flowers of the Diphylleia, when the petals dry, return incredibly white. The plant is a perennial that blooms in spring.