Shredder for tractor

Shredder used for tractor

A shredder used for tractor allows the purchase of an efficient model in good condition, with a relatively low cost. Tractor shredders are engine-less machines, but equipped with a cardan joint that allows them to be connected to tractors of different power, so that the blades and hammers can be used to shred wood and green waste. This tool is a fairly expensive machine, which can reach high prices; thanks to the fact that we can find used models on the market, it is possible to buy even very large machines, but at a reasonable price. These machines are designed to be very robust and long lasting; for this reason the purchase of a used product will allow us to use it for a long time.

Tractor shredder prices

Tractor shredders are large appliances, designed for regular and continuous use; they are often used by those who produce wood chips, or by those who grow trees to produce wood. The larger models, designed to shred also lumber larger than 5-7 cm, can cost up to 17000-20000 euros, while the smaller models, to be used for stubble or waste sarmenti, generally cost a few thousand EUR. The purchase of a shredder for tractor it must be done very carefully, to avoid spending too much for an oversized model. there are a lot of used products on the market that allow you to choose a larger and more powerful model than the one you need, but at a reasonable price. Clearly, before making a purchase of this entity, make sure that the machinery is in excellent condition, and that it does not require extraordinary maintenance.

Who uses tractor shredders

The shredder for tractor It is a machine that is used to grind and crumble green waste of any type. This type of equipment is widely used by those who produce timber or grow trees of various types; with one of these shredders it is possible to make small pieces of branches of various sizes, so as to use the resulting product in various ways. The largest shredders, which allow to grind branches with a diameter greater than 10 cm, are used to produce wood chips, which will be sold as is, or used in the production of pellets. Chips and pellets are now sold as fuels for stoves and fireplaces of various models. But this machine can also be used by farmers, to reduce all the cultivation scraps or dented or ruined vegetables, which are no longer salable, into small pieces. The result of this shredding work is used as a fertilizer for the fields, as it is or even after having composted it, to produce fertile humus.

Tractor Shredder: Pellets and Chips: Waste Resources

More and more often today we talk about waste recycling; this type of philosophy, in addition to being applied to solid urban waste, from which paper, plastic, glass and metals are recycled, in recent years has also expanded to different areas. The agricultural and forestry sector is one of the areas in which waste recycling is most important today. Also because in these sectors large quantities of waste are produced: maize processing residues, forestry pruning, remnants of the hoeing jobs and cleaning of fields and woods. The result of these processes until a few decades ago was brought to landfill, or burned. Today we tend to preserve every raw material, even waste. The use of shredders allows to use all the green waste from the agro-food industry, to transform them into fuel or fertilizer, so as not to waste them unnecessarily.