Makita chainsaw

Makita chainsaws

Makita S.P.A is a multinational company specialized in the production of equipment; one of these is the chainsaws. For many years this company has been committed to developing this type of product, always bringing it to operational excellence. The Makita chainsaw is a product much appreciated by professionals who have relied on its efficiency for years. The models are in the order of tens; equipped with both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor and accumulator. Each user will have a wide range of products on which he can choose the most suitable Makita chainsaw for his use. It must be said that another brand dealing with chainsaws, owned by Makita S.P.A, is Dolmar; therefore it is clear that the products of the two brands are homologous, only the colors change from the particular blue of the Makita to the orange of the Dolmar. To you the choice.

The various models

There are many models; we start with petrol-driven chainsaw-fueled chainsaws. An example is the Makita EA7300P50E chainsaw, which with a displacement of 72.6 cubic cm can develop 5.6 horses; this tool is professional, suitable for intensive uses such as the wood sector. But those who do not need these powers have much smaller tools suitable for pruning and care of the green, such as the Makita DCS3501-38 chainsaw; it has a displacement of 34.7 cubic cm with a power of 2 horses. For those who need an electric or accumulator chainsaw, we find the Makita UC3530A electric saw; very convenient for cutting wood in the garden or garage, very quiet and without smoky emissions; the only flaw is that the electric chain must be connected directly to an electrical system. Instead, if you want to take advantage of the advantages of a battery-powered chainsaw, you will be able to work away from a power outlet, without giving up on cleaning an electric saw.


The Makita chainsaw, like all other chainsaws, needs routine maintenance. In fact, it would be good to use a special tool to sharpen the cutting chain before using it, which you can buy at the sales points. At the end of your work, all you have to do is clean the chain saw, or better, if you have a compressor available, blow it to remove all traces of the cut that have crept into each hole. Another very useful thing is to disassemble the cutting blade of your Makita chainsaw by releasing the two nuts on the side and cleaning the chain guide and the inside of the crankcase, which is now visible. In the event of heavy soiling, you can dip a brush in diesel or petrol and brush the incrustation; even better if you have special degreasers available. Remember that the longevity and yield of the chainsaw is determined by good maintenance.

Makita chainsaw: Work safely

A Makita chainsaw is equipped with a set of safety systems, which reduce the risk of accidents; in fact it is not difficult for this tool to cause damage to operators, given that they have movable cutting parts. One of these devices is the chain brake, which consists of a lever located in front of the main handle; in the event of rebound, the tool tends to rear up, putting the user at risk; the brake, in this case, will meet the resistance of the hand that will stop the chain. The accelerator lock, another useful ally, avoids involuntary acceleration, and consists of a lever placed in the rear handle. Remember to never tamper with these devices, not only because the warranty is immediately revoked, because it puts your life in serious danger. The Makita chainsaw should never be used without suitable clothing and individual safety devices.