The gardening shears

All those who love gardening or working in this field know that scissors are one of the indispensable tools for plant care, especially for the pruning phase, which helps the plant to grow luxuriantly and that, even if each species has its special needs, sooner or later it is necessary for each one. Possessing a specific shear for gardening and suitable for the use we have to do with it is important because the shape of the instrument is an element that affects both our safety in handling it and the result we will obtain: there is certainly a difference, to example, between the pruning of a plant or a hedge, and therefore it will also have to vary the blade and the model of the instrument to use, based on the thickness of the branch that we will have to cut.

Types and models of scissors

In the market there are many models of pruning shears, in the shape of small shears or nippers, with a blade treated to have an anti-rust protection or with a non-stick coating, with particular shapes, anvil or ratchet for example, or even with ergonomic handles or suitable for use by left-handed or right-handed; in short, really for all tastes, and it will be important to advise you with your gardener or trusted retailer to understand which ones will do for you. There are also specific scissors for pruning roses, for example, or battery-powered models, which are very suitable in the case where inaccessible points must be reached without damaging the plant or in the case of having to prune numerous plants or surfaces of a certain length; in the latter case, if you find yourself having to cut or finish a turf, for example, there are special grass shears, also equipped with a telescopic handle so as not to bend and also both manual and battery-powered.

How to use gardening shears

Knowing how to best use our scissors guarantees our safety and also the well-being of the plants: in general a suggestion is to choose steel shears, which does not deteriorate easily, and to keep the blade clean and sharp, so that it can make a clean cut at the chosen point, without damaging the plant. A model of standard scissors is generally used for branches up to 1 cm in diameter and therefore you will have to choose the one suitable for the thickness you will need to cut; in any case, when making the cut, make sure that it is inclined with respect to the thickness of the branch, which will help the plant to heal. You should not use the same scissors that you use to cut plants even for other materials, such as wire, because the blade is likely to be damaged, also compromising pruning.

Scissors: Scissors Price

As mentioned, the scissors are sold in many models and with different functions; buying a pair of scissors is simple because they can be found both in online stores, in gardening centers, in nurseries but also in hardware stores and in general in all retailers that have garden tools. The price varies depending on the brand and the model, depending on the thickness you need to cut: a good pruning shears for terrace plants can also be found from 9/10 euros, and depending on the blade and model go up to 50/60 euros; for a battery scissors instead the price goes up: from 25/30 euros you can get even a few hundred euros for professional models: when you buy one you should make sure however that the battery lasts long enough. The grass shears for grass start from around 50 euros up to a hundred, more than 20/30 euros if you also want the telescopic stick.