Lawn scarifiers

Lawn scarifiers

The care of the turf involves a series of periodic operations, to keep the small plants that constitute it healthy and vigorous; lawn scarifiers are fundamental tools, which are used to remove the layer of felt that is produced between the base of the plants and the ground. Dry leaves, dead roots, damaged plants, various debris, are compacted at the base of the plants, forming an impermeable layer, which prevents water and fertilizers from reaching the ground. In the spring it is important to carry out the turf aeration operation, to remove the felt, and thus to allow the turf seedlings to develop at their best. Possible re-seeding and fertilizer supplies can thus be effective; without aeration, the fertilizer and the new seeds would stop on the felt, negating our operations.

Bosch scarifier

For gardening enthusiasts Bosch is one of the most reliable brands, which produces high quality equipment. The Bosch lawn aerators guarantee a perfect cleaning of the turf from the felt, removing dry leaves, broken grass, debris and moss. Thanks to the basket located behind the blades, the Bosch aerator also allows you to immediately collect the resulting material, without having to go over the ground again at a later time. The blades are made of flexible steel, and guarantee a perfectly performed aeration, without ruining the small perennials that make up the turf, guaranteeing them vigorous growth. In addition to removing debris and moss, this scarifier allows to reach the base of young plants, without ruining them, ensuring better air circulation.

Lawn aeration

To have a healthy, green and beautiful turf it is necessary to carry out some regular activities, in order to keep the turf plants healthy. Between the end of winter and the beginning of spring the aeration is practiced, as the first operation; this activity allows the removal of debris from the turf base. With a rake this can be done, but the result is generally disappointing, and if the ground is large, it could take several days of work. Generally a special tool is used, called scarifier, equipped with electric or petrol engine. Basically it is a series of flexible blades, which scratch the soil at the base of the plants, removing all the dead material that is found in this area. Afterwards it is good to collect all the removed material, so as to use it for the production of compost.


The material removed with lawn scarifiers is called felt: the dried leaves, moss and debris are compacted over the months, creating a solid and impermeable layer. Through the felt it is difficult to water the grass, or provide fertilizer, because whatever is sprinkled on the birth, falls back into the felt, and stops there. Even any re-seeding may not be successful, because the seeds do not fall on the ground, but stop earlier and tend not to be able to sprout or sink their new small roots well. The aeration takes place in early spring and also in autumn; immediately after the soil is ready to receive a slow release granular fertilizer and a possible risemina, which in this case will reach the ground. Spring watering can thus effectively wet the turf, without being absorbed by the felt.