Grapes and vine

Vitis vinifera is a very common climbing shrub. Its ideal habitat is represented by hilly walls facing south-east. In this way the vine succeeds in satisfactorily capturing the rays of the sun. The limestone-clay soils allow a good drainage of water avoiding harmful stagnation. The vines and varieties are innumerable. We pass from white grapes to red grapes with shades ranging from purple to black. The berries are the fruits attached to the stalk and their shape can be ovoid or spherical. The stalk is the woody structure to which the grapes are attached. Its shape can be simple or winged conical. Red grapes are the most used for wine production. In each region there are different varieties that have found ideal conditions for their development.

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Red grape vines

An infinite number of red grapes are found in the wine scene. With the term Red grapes we tend to include grapes whose color varies from purple to black. the varieties destined for the production of wine must contain a high quantity of pigments. The color will depend very much on the vine from which the fruit is derived. Corvina, Negroamaro, Nerello, Primitivo and Aglianico are vines whose grapes are able to give wines of particular value. A high amount of pigments concentrate on the grape skins and after appropriate maceration brilliant results are obtained. Red grapes can also be used for consumption at the table. In this case the berries are much larger. Table varieties have different characteristics compared to wine ones. The water content is greater but minerals and vitamins are a source of well-being.


Red grape is a fruit with multiple beneficial properties. Its use ranges from the food sector to the cosmetic sector, from the pharmaceutical to the herbalist. The high water and sugar content already in itself constitutes an energy source. Glucose and fructose are the sugars present. For those who suffer from chronic fatigue, eating red grapes is the best way to regain strength. Important antioxidants such as polyphenols and anthocyanins counteract the free radicals responsible for aging. This fruit also has anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anticancer properties. Water retention, gout and fluid retention in the body are counteracted with the elimination of uric acid. Consumption results in numerous benefits for the skin too. A skin that is no longer young draws nourishment with consequent improved elasticity of the tissues.

Red grapes: Red grape juice and its benefits

Red grapes, commonly associated with wine production, provide a precious juice. The juice is obtained by centrifuging or squeezing the berries. By adding honey, it becomes very pleasant. The intake is recommended in the morning before breakfast or as a snack. The beneficial purifying effects will soon be felt. A healthy habit that should be prolonged for at least a month. Its purifying function eliminates metabolic waste that would otherwise remain in circulation. It drains the liver and renews the tissues. In autumn, the immune defenses begin to weaken. Drinking a dose of juice contributes to their strengthening. It is an effective shield for bacteria and viruses. This fruit also improves circulation and strengthens the capillaries preventing annoying varicose veins.