Stihl chainsaw

Characteristics of Stihl chainsaws

The chainsaws produced by the well-known company Stihl are especially designed to perform the pruning and work that the tree climbers do. All the numerous models are distinguished among the various chainsaws that are found on the market thanks to their optimal balancing and to the really reduced weight that makes the work easier. The company chainsaws are handy and produce vibrations that are extremely small. These are indispensable tools if you want to do a good job of pruning the trees without the intervention of a professional gardener as they are light, effective and robust. They are also products that have a long life and resist well both to the bad weather and to the wear and tear of daily use in the pruning period. With the Stihl chainsaws it is possible to prune trees of all types and sizes as they can easily be carried while climbing the tree and they are strong enough to prune trees with large diameter branches.

Types of Stihl chainsaws

There are many models of chainsaws belonging to the brand, to be chosen according to the characteristics and individual needs of customers and their garden. The most common are the compact ones: there are excellent reasons to buy them. The technique with which they are built, which derives from that with which the professional machines are made, in addition to its safety equipment and ease of use, make compact chainsaws an excellent and effective product. They also have an ergonomic shape that allows you to work without getting very tired. The company also produces excellent chainsaws to cut firewood and to care for a large and rich garden. With this powerful equipment it is not only possible to stock wood for the winter season, but also to cut down small trees, to manage to clear out a bush and to build wooden houses or pergolas. With just one tool from Stihl you have a lot of work possibilities.

Universal Stihl chainsaws

The well-known company also produces universal chainsaws that have great versatility and high reliability. These are designed and built to be very powerful but also quite light and very manageable. The Stihl universals are a reliable aid for every tree-cutting job. They are the ideal tool not only for making a complete annual supply of firewood, but also for pruning trees of all sizes. This class of chainsaws has all the main advantages that the compact series has but with greater power, clearly superior. There are also those of medium power that are suitable for all the tasks of forest work and for the care of the landscape: the Stihl technology allows you to work easily, safely and quickly. High-power chainsaws, on the other hand, are very robust and are used for hardwood and large logs. They have an ergonomic shape and a modern technique for easy starting, electronic ignition and other safety features.

Stihl chainsaw: Stihl chainsaw prices

Since there are many types and models of chainsaws, it is not difficult to understand that there is also a great variety of prices. These can vary, even a lot, in relation to the power of the tool, the type of chainsaw and also to the modern technology with which they are designed and built by the well-known company. Chainsaws produced by the company that are cheaper are those of the compact series: their prices range from a minimum of just over 200 euros to a maximum of about 450 euros. The category that follows that of compacts, as far as price is concerned, is the series of chainsaws for cutting wood and then the universal ones. The former have prices ranging from 500 to 600 euros, while chainsaws in the second category range from 600 to 700 euros. Finally, the most expensive tools are those of high power that exceed 1200 euros and the emergency service chainsaw which costs over 1700 euros.