Alpina brushcutter

Apina: design made in Italy

Alpina is a brand of gardening equipment and articles, its products, made in Italy design, are aimed at both professional and hobby customers. In fact, the main product lines are the one called Gamma Bianca for hobbyists with small workloads and the more professional Black Label. The products of the White Range are electric or battery-powered. For those with battery the costs are slightly higher but the convenience of not having to connect the cable makes them perhaps more attractive. Both guarantee very low maintenance costs, they are ecological, perfect for small gardens. For the needs of customers with larger spaces, the Black Label line guarantees ease of execution of more complex works on large areas of land.

Selling Web

The Alpina brushcutter is sold throughout Italy through a widespread sales network, a sign of a choice of the brand to be present to guarantee assistance also in the after-sales market. The watchword for Alpina is to amaze. The products are in fact designed with particular attention to design, designed in Italy to be aesthetically pleasing. The quality is guaranteed by 50 years of activity that have allowed the company to mature efficiency and competitiveness, guarantee of convenient prices and durability of the purchase. Among the proposals of certain interest to the customer, Alpina proposes an easily removable brushcutter model that can be loaded into the trunk of a small utility vehicle, facilitating transport without necessarily having to have a pick-up or a minivan.

Electric or battery operated? Pros and cons

When choosing a model in the White Range category, the customer can opt for two product categories. The objective of Alpina is to satisfy the most disparate needs of the customer and with regard to brushcutters the company does not want to make exceptions. So the development of the offer led to the offer of battery-powered models alongside traditional electric motors. Characterized by low operating costs, reduced pollution, battery-powered products have the advantage of not having to constantly have the wire attached to the socket and the problem of having to have an extension of sufficient size to reach all the corners of the lawn. On the other hand they are heavier and therefore more tiring to use. The electric models are lighter but the drawback of having to pay attention to the wire can be frustrating or they can be unsuitable for large gardens making longer extensions much longer.

Alpina Brushcutter: Alpina Brushcutter Black Label

The Alpina Gamma Nera trimmer is the company's motorized line, at the extremes of the range offered there are two models that are distant for performance but not for care in the realization. Both equipped with a more powerful 25cc petrol engine against 42cc respectively. The handle differs in the two models where in the second case, to make it easier to use it was chosen for a double handlebar handle, also considering the weight of 8 kg certainly more comfortable and stable. Both models can be equipped with a hammer and go head that allows you to lengthen the wire automatically without having to stop or alternatively you can mount a three-point disc for heavier work. The cutting width is 43 centimeters for both models, which are certainly suitable for any type of workload.