Pinocchio Park

Adventure and nature

Located in a hamlet of Tuscany famous for its floriculture and the Palio dei Rioni, the Pinocchio park has been visited since the 1950s and is a remarkable attraction due to its worldwide reputation. The stages of the book are marked by the bronze sculptures of Pietro Consagra, a leading exponent of contemporary Italian abstract art. However, Consagra was not the only artist to have been called into question: as regards the plastic arts, works by Marco Zanuto and Augusto Piccoli are traceable within the structure. Noteworthy are the mosaics of Venturino Venturi in the Piazzetta of the Village of Pinocchio. All this narration for stations is surrounded by evergreens arranged ad hoc by Pietro Porcinai.

Fiction, gardens and butterflies

By consulting the official website of the park it is possible to realize the opportunity to combine the entry ticket with the Garzoni garden and the Collodi butterfly house. The first is a natural gem to be enjoyed calmly. Well cared for and terraced in Italian style - with floral statues and tripuds - it can be considered the "adult" counterpart of a day spent in Collodi, between magic and art. For naturalists it is a must to look at the butterfly house: here you can enjoy the company of multiple species of colorful giant butterflies free to flutter in a tropical greenhouse that reproduces their original environment. Together with the Garzoni garden we can consider the butterfly house an example of successful interaction between man and nature. Source: //

Educational offer

A trip to the Pinocchio Park is not like going to Disneyland, this must be clear to everyone. You will not find yourself in front of spectacular attractions, no "Land of Toys". The type of offer of this attraction is completely different, it concerns education for beauty, love for nature. The sculptures are real works of art, not colored plastic puppets. However, this should not discourage lovers of the fairy tale: with a good dose of literary zeal the adventures of the famous puppet will come to life and the activities in the laboratories will make this trip an opportunity for relaxation. From 2014, the "Gioca e Impara" basic laboratories (for the Specials there will be a surcharge), the visit to the "Teatrino Meccanico" and the rides on vintage rides are included in the ticket price, without additional costs. Source: //

Pinocchio Park: How to get there

Once you reach Florence or Pistoia to the best of your ability, you will arrive at the park by car taking the A11 Firenze Mare motorway and exiting at Chiesina Uzzanese. At this point follow the Pescia direction and exit at Collodi. Next to the amusement park there is a large paid parking lot. Even with public transport it is possible to get to the narrative garden: let Lucca be established as a starting point for the departure in (direct) and Florence for the train. With regard to this second option there is to report a change of means: in fact, we will proceed by train to Pescia and by bus from Pescia to Collodi. The price of park tickets varies depending on the combination chosen: the data can be consulted on the official website. Source: //