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Introduction, woody and semi-mature cuttings

On this page we will talk about: Introduction, woody and semi-mature cuttings The reproduction of a plant can take place in different ways. Among them the Talea stands out, that is the use of a part of the mother plant, for example a piece of leaf, root or twig, rooted in the ground. Cutting is a widespread plant propagation technique.
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Fat plants

Spots on succulent plant

Question: my catcus, now twenty years old, on succulent plants, give me beautiful flowers of a soft pink color and intense aroma all summer long. Unfortunately, on the outside they are covered with brown spots that over time have dried up ruining the plants from an aesthetic point of view. How can I remedy or stop the disease?
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Hedge trees

Choice of hedge trees The choice of which hedge tree to plant depends very much on the function that this element must have. If the function of the hedge trees is to protect the garden or part of it, thorny and compact shrubs should be planted. Species such as the pyracantha which also produces beautiful colored berries are particularly suitable, even the Japanese quince forms a thick intrigue of branches.
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Disease tomatoes

The importance of the soil and the environment The cultivation of tomatoes can be very satisfactory from the point of view of quality and quantity if you start with careful and preventive care of the soil and the assessment of the right environmental climate, preventing or reducing this way adversities and diseases.
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Apartment plants

Christmas star care

The beauty of the Christmas star The Christmas star is the most appreciated and regal plant for the holidays. In fact, already alone, with its very showy and colorful presence, it is able to create the Christmas atmosphere. This popular plant is native to Mexico where it grows spontaneously and reaches an average height of about three meters.
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Electric wheelbarrow

Advantages The use of an electric wheelbarrow is really simple. All the controls are placed on the handlebar from which it will be possible to direct the tool without problems. It is important to load it correctly, so that the weight is balanced, so as not to risk it falling over. Depending on the model, the maximum capacity can vary, but it starts from a double capacity compared to a manual model, up to large-scale tools that allow you to move large quantities of material.
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